Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend we the best! Soooo relaxing! Saturday I helped my friend B at her bridal portraits with S and J. Her photographer was so eccentric, but very talented. It made for a lot of stifled giggles and eye rolling from us all. She couldn't give direction to save her life, so it was a good thing us girls were there! After the shoot we all had lunch at my favorite Galaxy Cafe.

Here is the beautiful bride, with her dress covered, just in case her fiance happens upon the blog ;) I'll be sure to post pics of her in the dress after the wedding.

I am so honored that B is wearing my veil for her wedding. It is her "something borrowed" and I am so excited!! (Also, don't mind my awkward appearance, we were up at 6:30 am that morning since her shoot started at 9:30 am)

Easter Sunday, mom, my uncle, and I headed to a very crowded Easter mass. Fortunately, father got us out in under an hour! No small feat on the most attended church day of the year!

Afterward, we head over to mom's for some good food and cascarones throwing. Cascarones are eggs filled with confetti, which are cracked over the head on Easter. Our family is ruthless! No one is spared.

Aaron and mom staged a scene for the camera since we were ducking and hiding from each other during the real battles.

And some cute family shots

After that we took care of a little birdie problem. There was a cardinal terrorizing my mom's bedroom window! We think that he is in heat, or something... He kept pecking at the window where he could see his reflection. Then he moved on the to the other windows around the house. It got a little creepy. We tried putting brown paper over the top portion of the bedroom window, but that didn't phase him. So, my mom put up some dolls from her antique doll collection (which was much prettier to look at) and it has kept him at bay. I read that is it is pretty normal behavior for birds during mating season since they are trying to scare off other male birds. So, we think he was hopped up on birdie testosterone.

I've also been busy planning for our vacation, so I'm going to include some of my research in tomorrow's post!

Love, M

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