Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Recap

Great weekend! The in-laws came into town and we had a blast taking them to some of Austin's tourist spots and shopping for baby!

On Friday, my MIL and I went fabric shopping in the afternoon for the nursery. Since we're pretty positive we're having a girl, we focused on her, but did find some cute things in case our sonographer was wrong. So, for girl, we found adorable pinks and greens, and for a boy, I'm thinking a cowboy theme since A and I are from OK and we live in TX, it just seems fitting. :)
That evening we ate at Chuy's for dinner and then took a Bat Cruise along town lake. In case you're not familiar with ATX, the Congress St. bridge (or the Ann Richards Bridge) is home to the largest population of urban bats in the world. They live under the bridge and during the summer months you can see them make their "emergence" right before sunset. It's pretty amazing to watch!

(Bump Picture)

Saturday we headed to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center to look around. It's a definitely an activity to save for the parents (not that exciting folks!) That afternoon we ran a few errands before having dinner with my mom and spending the evening at her house.

On Sunday, our family had to get back on the road pretty early, so we had an empty house by 9 am. Which worked perfectly since we had a new arrival to visit that afternoon! My BFF in Austin had her second baby girl early Sunday morning and we couldn't wait to meet her. She is just adorable, and meeting her made me so excited for the arrival of our little one! It also reminded me that we needed to start checking out our possible delivery sites, which we completed Sunday as well!
So precious!!

Promise to have Europe pics tomorrow!!
Love, M


danielle said...

wow!!! look at all that hair! so cute!!! you look great marisa too!!! :)

Texan Couture said...

Boyfriend & I are going see the bats fly next Thursday, I'm excited!

Katie said...

what bump?!? you're so thin! :)

good luck!

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