Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Lazy Weekend

Ah, it was great! We did nothing of importance and I couldn't have been happier. I have a feeling this might be our lazy weekend in quite a while, so I soaked it up.

We piddled around the house for most of the morning on Saturday and finished our College Bowl Game predictions. We both made list with game winner predictions and the person with the most incorrect predictions pays for Valentine's dinner. Anyway, I guess I've been paying attention this year because my list looked a whole lot like A's. I never cared for college football too much until this season and now it's one of my favorite things. We had the same predictions for the bowls this weekend, so we're still even steven!

That afternoon, A decided he wanted to hang Christmas lights on the house after all, and we did. We didn't do as much as last year, but I think it still turned out pretty.

I love this palm tree. I keep saying that we need to put lights in the leaves so it looks like the one in the commerical. :)

When I came inside from taking pictures, Jaxson was posed so sweetly under the tree, that I thought he must want his picture taken too.

Sunday, we had our last baptism class at church. Lily's godmother, my cousin, joined us, and afterward we all headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for lunch. We hung out over there until into the late afternoon and made meal plans for Christmas Eve and Day, and then headed home to make more Christmas cookies. (Our first batch was eaten before we even had a chance to decorate them.) Funniest comment from my nine year old cousin: "M and A can't bring dessert in case she has the baby, then we wouldn't have dessert."

Like I said, GREAT lazy weekend! What did you do this weekend?

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danielle said...

what a great weekend!!! we had craig's staff party friday, cleaned on saturday and then went to the college department christmas party, went to church on sunday, had an open house for our church members, went back to church and had a youth christmas party. i want a relaxing weekend. :)

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