Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some of my favorite things: 2009

A while back I gave a half-hearted effort to write about my favorite things on Fridays. Well, since that didn't happen, I'll try to sum up the year for you in one post!

So, here are my 9 favorite things in no particular order: 2009 edition

1. Rachel Zoe

She is fabulously materialistic and shallow, but she can make a paper bag look like high fashion. All the reasons I love her. It's bananas.

2. College Football

I don't know if I just wanted to have something to talk about with A while he watched Game Day every Saturday, but I became obsessed with college football. I think I must have learned something too since A and I are tied in our bowl predictions. Score.

3. HBO

It makes our overpriced cable worthwhile. I think we logged more hours watching/DVRing that station than all the rest combined. Some of our favorites: Entourage, True Blood, Big Love, and our most favorite Bill Maher!

4. Yoga

I. love. yoga. Seriously what other fitness class can leave you feeling sore, sweaty, and spiritually renewed? I loved my prenatal classes for not only making feel more energized, but getting a chance to bond with other pregnant women who were experiencing the same things I was. I can't wait to take Lily to postnatal classes and eventually kid classes. :)

5. Babies

Speaking of Lily, of course my year focused on babies, babies, babies. Not that I didn't love them before, but there were several more to love in 2009! I loved witnessing my friends pregnancies and meeting their new additions, and had even more fun being pregnant alongside several of my close friends and sister-in-law! It was wonderful having such an amazing support system of expectant ladies, and love that our children will all be so close in age!

6. Dessert

One more note on the baby front, pregnancy has made me seriously addicted to sweets. I never understood why women were addicted to chocolate. I TOTALLY GET IT NOW. Hope this last just until Lily is born, because my love for ice cream, cake and candy bars is not going to help me lose this baby weight.

7. GLEE I. love. Glee. It's magical. I realize that is my third favorite thing related to television. I'm pregnant, lay off. :)

8. BBC's Top 100 Book List

I don't even know if this really exists, but I received an e-mail about it, and during 2009 I made an attempt to read all the books on the list that I hadn't read. Still working on that Harry Potter series, but I have read a fourth of the books. I'll try to work on this in 2010 as well.

9. Twilight Series

Speaking of books... It didn't make the BBC list, but I found myself addicted to the Twilight series like every other 14 year old in America. I'm okay with that. It was AWESOME.

If I were to add a tenth "thing", several ideas come to mind
Austin: I think 2009 was the year that we finally got to enjoy this city as our home and weren't traveling back and forth to Oklahoma so often
The fabulous Sex and the City movie that I still watch repeatedly(It's packed in my labor bag folks)
Vacations: since Aaron and I took three fabulous trips this year.

All in all fabulous year! Bring on 2010!!

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alyssa said...

I TOTALLY hear you on Glee and Twilight! Ryan and I watch waaaay too many tv shows. It's our hobby: put Hayden to bed at 8pm, run to our bed, pile up the pillows, watch tv until we can't stay awake anymore! Do you like Modern Family? That and Glee definitely have been my two fav new shows this year!

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