Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Favorites (for Lily)

Friday Favorites: Lily Edition

I'm a HUGE Carter's fan! I love that they have sooo many cute littel dresses and onesies that I can dress Lily for everyday. Here are two she wears A LOT!

Lily's favorite stuffed animal right now is her sock monkey. She will wrap her arms and legs around it when she is playing in her pack n' play. It's adorable. Lita found it a Walgreens. Can you believe it?

Schylling Sock Monkey

My favorite baby toy right has to be Lily's jumparoo. She wants to stand ALL the time, and having something for her to jump and play in is wonderful! I was stressing over which one to buy, " Is this one safe? Does she need one with THAT many toys? Or is that overstimulating? is this one girly enough? In the end, my neighbor graciously gave us theirs since they don't need in anymore. Fun fact: Their daughter is one year to the day older than Lily. I couldn't find a picture of the one they gave us, but this is the general idea:

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

We also love her play gym. In the last couple of weeks, its been her favorite place to play and on it, she taught herself to roll from her back to her stomach. Such a smart girl! :)

Bright Starts Pink Pretty in Pink Supreme Play Gym

What are your favorites?

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