Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playgroup Photo Shoot!

I am by no means a photographer, but I met the lovely Whittney recently and she gave me some great tips for taking better photos with my Canon Rebel. So with her tips in mind, I shot some pics of the kiddos in Lily's playgroup while playing and posing.

These little guys and gals are so sweet and Lily and I always look forward to Wednesday afternoons with this group! It's great for both of us to get out of the house and see our friends on a regular basis. I love having some time with these mommies! They are all SUCH amazing mothers and full of wonderful advice and support!

This is Alex! She is a doll and one of the smartest little girls you will meet! Her vocabulary is amazing!

This is Arden. She and Lily are good buddies! Arden loves to give Lily hugs and kisses.

This is Caleb. He is such a flirt and real sweetie! He loves to cuddle with his mommy and doesn't seem to mind being one of two boys in the group.

Here is Caleb with his mommy Delaine

This is Teya. She is one of Lily's best friends, just her mom, Sarah, and I! She has the sweetest disposition and is just plain adorable!

Lily and Teya playing together.

And there is my sweet baby, Lily. 
I was so excited that I captured her smile!

After playgroup, we visited Lita, and Lily was worn out from all the fun!

We were missing Davis last week, and Arden and Teya's big sisters were playing upstairs, so I hope to get photos of them next week too!

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Kelly Rae said...

Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures! I also have a Canon Rebel...we so should've picked each others brains about it. I love mine! Happy snapping!

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