Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favorites: Diary of a Mad Pregnant Woman

So, this blog title might be a bit misleading. Instead of focusing on products, or clothes, or home accessories, etc I thought I would list my favorite moments from the week. Why? Because this knocked up lady has been on an emotional roller coaster this week, not to mention the little hiccups that have made it worse.

Call it hormones, or what you will, but these last weeks of pregnancy just get harder and harder for my little emotions. I worry about baby girl; the fact that we haven't finished her nursery, whether the birth go smoothly, will she be healthy, will she sleep, will I ever sleep? I worry for Lily; will she be jealous, will she grow up too quickly with a little sister so close in age, will she feel like she is getting enough attention? I worry about myself; how will I handle being a mother of two, how will I maintain a sense of self, how will I maintain my relationships, will I ever have a moment for myself again, ever? Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels/has felt this way...

To get me out of this funk that I have stumbled into, I do what I always do. Look for the silver lining:
  1. My uncle underwent a heart procedure this week, that resolved unanswered questions and found solutions. Thank goodness!
  2. Lily is constantly lovin' on her baby sister. She will now pull my shirt up, and kiss my belly and say "baby". But, she says it like a little Georgia peach: "bay-bay".
  3. We found a paint color for the new nursery! It took us 10 paint samples to get there, but we found it, love it, and will have the room painted over the weekend. We will also be picking up her crib and cradle for our room. So we should be somewhat prepared when she makes her arrival. 
  4. Lily learned to walk on the balance beam at gym class all by herself! 
  5. She also learned how to climb onto her ottoman in her room. She was so proud of herself, she giggled and shrieked after making it to the top of the ottoman. Than, she put out her hand for high fives from her dad and I. 
  6. Lily says the word "dude". There is nothing cuter.
  7. It rained this week.  My garden is exploding.
  8. We bought a cool new frig. I really love it and feel like I own a "grown up" frig now.
  9. We found a great new-to-us Indian take-out place. (One less meal for me to plan in the weeks to come, muah haha!)
  10. We have a fun weekend planned celebrating a birthday and first communion with friends and family. Nothing like having something to look forward to!
Happy Weekend Friends!

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Stephanie M said...

I want to hear Lily say "dude" - Too cute!

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