Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nursery Rhymes

So my uber fab friends introduced me to Pinterest this week. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board where you can "pin" all the wonderful things you find on the internet. I wasn't sure how I would apply it to my cyber life, but so far I find it useful to catalog all my favs/inspiration photos without having to save them to my computer, taking up valuable hard drive space. Plus, it's a thrill when someone "repins" or "likes" something that you have pinned. If you are interested in joining, click on my profile link above to request an invitation or shoot me an email and I'll send you one. So far I've added a board for baby girl's nursery

Some of the inspiration pics for said nursery that I've already saved to my computer, but have no idea where they've came from...

This last photo is of Tiffany Amber Theissen's nursery
And in case you are following along:
How Far Along: 34 Weeks, I can't believe it!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 20 lbs, gained 3!! Yikes!

Maternity Clothes: Still bottoms, just had to buy a pair of maternity crop jeans. {sigh}

Gender: Still a sweet baby girl, as far as we know. No more ultrasounds for us, so I hope they got it right the first time!

Movement: Oh yes! She is head down, and it would seem that she rests her feet on my ribs and her elbows on her kidneys. She's just kicked back on my internal organs.

What's that?

What I miss: Today? Margaritas.

Cravings: Still fruit, and most sweet things.

Symptoms: Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux, oh my!

Best Moment this week: Narrowing down the nursery paint colors to four. Yes, four. {{BIG SIGH}}


danielle said...

i thought you knew what colors you were wanting the nursery!! cant wait to see it!!! and YAY for pinterest!!

Marisa said...

Oh sister, I've changed my mind six thousand times since then :)

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