Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Gracias Mama Party}

I was recently asked by Vocalpoint.com to host an RSVP party for Orgullosa. I invited the wonderful moms from Lily's playgroup {going on 2+ years of playgroups y'all!!} and we had ourselves a little potluck and several margaritas. We talked about our mamas, and being mamas and laughed a lot. Through Orgullosa and Vocalpoint, I was able to give each of the ladies a cute bag of product samples and coupons to take home. I also received the same products and coupons as well as the Oral-B Vitality Flossaction Toothbrush. Me gusta! If you are interested in hosting an RSVP party, go here to check it out!

Also, I didn't get a great pic of my party hosting ensemble, but it looked very similar to this:


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