Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Three Things}

About Lily:

  1. She is sleeping in a toddler bed! Lily is such a great sleeper and she goes right to sleep in her new bed and then at 7:30 am every morning we hear her open her door and pad the few steps over to our bedroom door and say "mommy', "daddy", "num, num" which means breakfast. So sweet!
  2. She is potty training. There is nothing this girl won't do for a couple of jelly beans!
  3. Loving her baby sister and will make attempts to share toys and food with her. The two most important possessions of any toddler!
About Sydney:
  1. She is trying so hard to walk! Syd is able to stand  by herself for a good while, and has attempted a few steps here and there.
  2. She is talking so much. We are starting to hear what sounds like "mum" and "dad".
  3. She waves bye bye and claps a lot. And loves to play peek-a-boo too! I can't believe she'll be one in two short months.

About me:
  1. I am loving this time of year and all the fun that is in store for our family over the next couple of months; holidays, birthdays, and vacation!
  2. Getting ready for Mother's Day by ordering some sweet gifts for my mom and mother-in-law.
  3. Enjoying the independence of my own business more and more everyday! I get to be with my girls all day every day and play/sell/market/wear beautiful accessories all the time! Doesn't get much better...email me if you are interested to learn more!

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