Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Three Things}

About Me:
I'm in a the middle of a mommy makeover. You know, just changing up the ol' beauty routine, and getting a haircut, etc. These three things have made be especially happy!

The Clarisonic. I was super skeptical, but this little guy actually makes washing my face at night fun bearable.

I've been loyal to my two step Bobbi Brown concealer for some time, but ran into Ulta looking for a scrub and came out with this concealer. It's silky smooth and covers just as well, but I feel like it doesn't have the staying power of BB. Still great coverage and color options.

This stuff works. I read about it on a hair blog awhile back and after getting a haircut and style this weekend, I was sold. It's lightweight and didn't make hair feel super "producty".

About Lily:
1. And she will be called Lily... No really. She HATES it if we call her anything else; like her first and middle name together, or accidentally call her Sydney (I understand that one), or if we call her smart/pretty/silly Lily. She will correct you and say, "No, I'm Lily", no pretty Lily, Lily!"
2. She is dancing up a storm! Anytime we hear music: waiting in line at Free Birds, at the gym, on TV, she hears music and lights up!
3. Her favorite movie is Puss in Boots. My in-laws had a movie might with her when they stayed with us a couple of months ago and watched Puss in Boots and ate popcorn with her and now that is her favorite treat! I think she always picks that movie because it reminds her of spending time with her grandma and pawpaw.

About Sydney:
1. She is saying words! She's trying to say real words! She points and says "this" to a lot of things, and over the weekend she said "Jax" (our dog's name) and "Ita" (nickname for my mom). It's amazing!
2. She's a bit shy, Anytime she meets someone new, and is being held by me, she burying her head in my shoulder and then peeks out a little to look at the person. It melts my heart every time!
3. She loves to throw and catch a ball. She will play this game forever with her soft plushy soccer ball. We are thinking she'll enjoy softball :) 

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