Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Road Trip: Keep the Kids Happy}

Packing up the car and taking the girls to visit friends and family in Oklahoma tomorrow! I can't wait to see childhood friends, eat at my favorite restaurants and be with some the people that I love most in the world! After scouring the internet, I've come up with my list of necessary accouterments for happy road trip with kids!
  1. Frequent Stops and Things To Look Forward To:We are stopping in Grapevine, TX on the way to OK and back. Our first stop will be to see the SEA LIFE Aquarium and then on the way home, the Lego Discovery Center. This will be the halfway point of our trip. The girls will be ready for lunch and to stretch their legs and then hopefully take a nap the rest of the drive. We also plan to stop in Waco for a quick snack and bathroom break and Ardmore for another bathroom break and trip to Braums. No trip to OK is complete without a stop at Braums!
  2. Snacks, Snacks, and more Snacks:Our favorite easy, no-fuss snacks are:
    Freeze Dried Fruit
       Organic Fruit Snacks
      Fruit Squeezes
       Mum Mums
    3. Wrapped "Prizes": I found a few coloring books, sticker packs, and crayons at the dollar store to give Lily as prizes for good behavior on the trip. For every hour that she behaves, she gets to open a new prize.
    4. New Books & DVDs: Luckily our car is equipped with a DVD player in the back for the girls to watch movies. We've borrowed a few from friends and bought Alice & Wonderland so the girls have new movies to enjoy.
    5. Books on Tape for Mommy: I'd like to think that I would be able to listen to a new book in the front seat, but I have a feeling that may not happen... I have it dwnloaded to my phone just in case, so I can listen with one earbud in.
    6. Ways To Keep It All Together: Taking an ice chest for juice, milk, and a few other perishable snacks as well as trash bags and lots of handy wipes, but the thing I am most excited about is a travel toddler tray we found that attaches to the car seat.
      I don't know why we didn't get something like this sooner! Not only can she eat snacks, but color or play with the Ipad without it sliding off her lab and mommy having to rescue it off the floor while driving. Genius!

    If you have any other helpful road trip ideas, please share!!  

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