Friday, April 17, 2009

European Vacation

A and I are headed “across the pond” in May for a trip through London, Paris, and Rome. As always I’m overwhelmingly practical when packing for trips. So in anticipation for our long plane ride, I’ve been looking for all the necessities I might need to make the ride as comfortable as possible. If you’ve ever taken an overnight flight, you know that they usually give you a “sleep pack” with a sleep mask, ear plugs, socks, and always provide blankets and pillows. But airplane issued items aren't that cute or comfortable or clean so I decided to find some alternative to pack in my carry-on.

The first, and the item that inspired this post, are these adorable Holly Golightly Earplugs. I HAVE to have these!

Of course a sleep mask is most necessary. I own a few, but my favorites are these from Bath & Body Works:

or these from Traveling Chic

or of course the Holly Golightly complete ensemble:

A cute, and comfortable travel pillow and blanket. I always prefer to have my own blanket and pillow since airplane ones can be full of germs from previous passengers. Gross. This one is called a PamBee and was designed by a flight attendant. It's a little pricey, but I really like the Pucci inspired design. Hoping to find similar for less...

I like this polka dot pillow from Traveling Chic as well...

I also love everything at Flight 001

Evian Travel Companions

Reflexology Travel Socks

Cherry Blossom Motion Sickness Bracelets

No Cooties!

I also bring a large bottle of water, chap stick, lotion, a contact case, and my glasses since I get soooo dehydrated on the plane, facial wipes, tooth paste and tooth brush..If you can think of anything else I’m forgetting, let me know!

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aura said...

Oh my gosh the bath and body works one...I'm on my THIRD one. I call them "lambie." My husband steals mine, sometimes. I have it in white, and it's the softest, cutest thing.

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