Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Disappointed

So, I thought that 2009 was going to be fantastic! fun! full of wonderful things! So far, it kind of blows...

I've received more bad news this year, than I can remember.... People are losing their jobs, can't find jobs, losing loved ones, medical issues, martial issues, reproduction issues... I'm really concerned that I have and am giving the people around me bad luck.

Age old question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

It difficult to understand while innocent everyday people are faced with such horrific problems and situations. I hate it. I usually consider myself an optimistic person. Someone that has faced tragedy at such a young age has no other choice if they want to survive, but this year is really getting me down. I'm doing my best to remain spiritual, trying to remain faithful, but when bad news is coming at you from every direction, it's hard. really difficult and almost anger insuing. Ugh.

Someone told me that life is full of problems, you are either walking into one or walking out of one. Well, right now, I feel like everyone is stepping into a big black problem hole with me and it's closing in on us.

So, if karma exists, I better being winning the lottery soon and be sure I'm paying it out to all my problem-filled friends.

Any suggestions to getting out of this funk are appreciated.

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aura said...

As far as getting out of your funk, really count your blessings and appreciate the things you have. One of my all time favorite quotes is -I felt sorry for the man without shoes until I met the man without feet. I always have to remind myself of this when I am feeling down. It's never good to know that people have it worse off than you, but it does put into perspective that we live bitter lives than we think, and someone out there would consider themselves lucky to walk a day in our shoes.

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