Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Lita with Make-Up and more!

Lita (short for Abuelita) is our "easy button." She is always there when we need her. Whether it's to babysit for a date night, run errands with us, grab a missing ingredient for dinner or a much needed package of diapers, we couldn't survive without her most days. Lita decided to take a cruise with some friends this year for her birthday so we were missing her ALOT those seven days. Yes, we were counting.

Before she left, I took her on a little birthday outing. Just her and I (which was really a present for both of us) while Lily stayed behind with her dad. Our first stop was to my friend Sara's studio where she got a make-over! If only I had remembered to take pictures....  We bought everything that Sara recommends. (her blog is a great resource for all things beauty and design!) Here are some of our favorites!


Afterward, we had a lovely birthday lunch at Chez Zee and then off for more shopping at the Domain. Because A had been such a sport, we even brought him home a little something. :)

We found time to buy Lily's halloween costume, and then enjoyed A's dinner that he had whipped up with my aunt & uncle. Happy Birthday Lita! We love you!!

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