Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We make plans and...

God laughs. Seriously... Needed a little distance from this weekend to laugh about how completely WRONG things went. Saturday and Sunday were supposed to go a little something like this:

  • 7 am - 11 am : Wake up, enjoy some breakfast and get dressed, go to Farmer's Market and the mall to do some shopping for Lily at BabyGap and exchange a shirt for A
  • 11 :30 am: Quick lunch at the mall before headed to volunteer training for Junior League
  • 12 pm - 4 pm: Fun volunteer training for Junior League
  • 5 pm: Take Lily for a walk while Aaron mows the yard
  • 7 pm: Put Lily to sleep and then go see Social Network
  • 10:45 am Brunch with friends at SoCo Cafe
  • 1 pm - 5pm trip to the pumpkin patch with Lily
  • 7 pm dinner with Lita
  • Enjoy our Sunday night TV cuddled together on the couch

But... this is how it really went:

  • Break a sweat trying to get out the door before 10:30am
  • Too late to enjoy the Farmer's Market so rush to mall only to realize that we forgot to grab A's items to exchange. Bicker over what to do and finally decide that A should run home to get them. 
  • Deal with the rudest clerk in history at BabyGap, and then realize that it's too late to grab lunch as a family and jet to volunteer training
  • Arrive at volunteer training hungry and scattered. Suffer through four hours on an empty stomach.
  • Get home and realize my stomach isn't feeling so good now and lay on bed for the next 2 hours while A puts Lily to bed. 
  • Proceed to suffer from food poisoning/stomach virus/rath from God for the next 12 hours
  • A joins me. Take turns not sleeping and running to the bathroom.
  • Muster strength to go to brunch and arrive 20 minutes late.
  • Lose bracelet on the walk from the car to the restaurant.
  • Get nauseous looking at the menu.
  • Arrive home to find A half dying on the couch
  • Watch Lily while A tries to get some rest
  • Lita comes over to save us as we try to keep down some dinner
  • Pour ourselves into our respective sides of the bed at 9 pm not wanting to re-infect each other


Sarah and Nick Marquez said...

That sucks! I am so sorry! But, glad you are feeling better!!!!

Kelly Rae said...

I'm so sorry guys! I hope you are feeling much much better. I definately know God laughs at me and Mike all the time and probably thinks, you silly and stupid humans, trying to run your lives! haha! Have a good one.

Marisa said...

We are feeling much better today! Unfortunately we've infected Lita so the saga continues...

Amy R. said...

Oh, so sorry. Glad you are feeling better today. I hope Lita gets better soon:)

Amy R.

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