Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Tooth

Lily cut ANOTHER tooth over the weekend. That makes a total of seven teeth. Seven! Her newest tooth came in on the bottom left. Incisor maybe? She already has her bottom two teeth and her four front top teeth. Those four came in all together... that was rough for her, poor baby.

Right now here favorite thing to chew on is her crib. When I got her out bed on Saturday morning, her mouth was covered in white paint.

We have this, on the front, but we have added these as well since that is where most of the "damage" occurred. Sophie is once again her best friend, and the Gerber yogurt melts seem to be helping quite a bit as well. She gnaws on them with her front teeth.

Have you noticed that babies aren't hungry when they're teething? Lily will hardly eat a thing. She's surviving on formula and juice at the moment... Bless her heart.

I have to say for a kid her age, with as many teeth as she has cut already, she really has handled it well. I've heard horror stories about teething babies, and Lily really has been pretty graceful throughout it all. Not too fussy, and just needs the things mentioned above, plus a little Tylenol at night to get her through it. Hoping she can get through the rest just as easily!

1 comment:

Sarah and Nick Marquez said...

Yay!!! What a big girl!!! 7 teeth! She is on a roll! Glad she is being so sweet!

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