Monday, April 18, 2011

Tiny Toms & Weekend Musings

The family and I had a glorious weekend! The weather here in ATX was incredible, and I wish I could order it up for the rest of the summer, or at least as long as I'm carrying baby girl #2.

Saturday Lily participated in her first Easter Egg Hunt, her second visit to the Easter bunny and her first hit at a pinata, though not necessarily in that order.She hung out with her peeps (get it, peeps?) and that DID NOT include Mr. Bunny. He was the last person she cared to hop around with (okay enough Easter puns)

After a relaxing, unscheduled afternoon and evening of fun and sun in the backyard, we put Lily to bed, left Lita to babysit, and enjoyed a baby-free night at the movies. Scream 4 did not disappoint. I am not a scary movie person, and A said I looked something like this throughout the entire show.

Sunday A had to work, so Lil and I did some marathon shopping at Target & our friendly neighborhood Walgreens. Then we joined Lita at the mall where we found these for Miss Lily!

Tiny TOMS in sparkly pink! Does it get any cuter?! No, it doesn't.

It was downhill from there as I had to buy my first pair or maternity shorts. Ugh. Who makes these clothes? I found the least offensive pair at Pea In the Pod, also found a cute pair of Toms for myself and some new kicks for A. We had a theme going, can't you tell?

Sunday night ended with A and I's new favorite ritual: parking ourselves on the couch and watching three straight hours of reality TV-- One episode of America's Next Great Restaurant, followed by one way-too-long episode of Celebrity Apprentice. It's shameful, but we still manage to work in a decent conversation during commercial breaks. We've even come up with our own restaurant concept in case ANGR makes it for a second season! Usually A whips up a delicious dessert for us too. He's my personal baker, in case you didn't know. Last week it was homemade oatmeal cookies, the week before homemade honey cookies, and this week brownies, not homemade but just as delicious. I'm so going to miss indulging in these sweet treats after baby girl arrives.

Monday, it was back to the grindstone. What did you do this weekend?

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