Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

I really had good intentions of getting this post out yesterday, but has been the trend since November, computer time is just at the bottom of my priority list. More on that to come....

So, forget the awards, the thing every woman I know really cares about is the fashion. So, here are my picks for Best Dressed, Worst Dressed, Misses, and Bull-eyes

Best Dressed

Jennifer Lawrence: Flawless!! Amazing dress, gorgeous hair, and it all looked so effortless. I loved that she wore a single bangle and and left her red dress to make a statement

Mila Kunis: I just love her. She looks so hot, make-up and the lavender really suit her.

Hilary Swank: I loved this Gucci dress! The sparkle, the feathers, it's so darn pretty. A larger diamond on her ears would have have been nice, but again appreciating the simple clean look.

Camila Alves: Even though she was only there as arm candy for Matthew, I think she looked amazing. The neckline is too die for combined with the fullness of skirt. I'm always a sucker for the brown girls anyway :)

last but not least, Gwennie: I will say that I think I would have appreciated the dress sans belt, or corsage, or whatever that thing was on her hip, but the cut and the movement of this dress was just so clean, so modern and I couldn't look away! Now her singing on the other hand... Yikes!

Worst Dressed
Reese Witherspoon: Sorry, I love her but she looked like an Oscar Barbie doll and not in a good way. This look was sticky sweet, and it made my stomach hurt.

Nicole Kidman: What so you win an Oscar, and then you just don't care anymore? What is this??? Awful, that's what. 

Scarlett Jo: What happened? This could have gone so right, and it's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

"Misses": This could have been good, but it was lacking something...

Amy Adams: That dress was gorge, the color and the cut were perfect for her, but her hair needed to up and that necklace was terrible. Wasn't a huge fan of the bracelet either, but with a great earring, I think it would have worked. 

Cate Blanchett: She is such a risk taker, and I appreciate that. No offense to Givenchy, but I think this dress would have worked as a sleeveless and not this spaceman sleeve. It would have given more attention to the bodice, which was amazing.

Sandra Bullock: Gosh she is beautiful, but the harsh hair and make-up with the red dress made her look angry instead of sexy. 

"Bulls-Eyes": These are my honorable mentions that didn't quite make my best dressed list

Natalie Portman: Wow, she makes pregnant on a petit girl look good, thanks for that Natalie :) 

Jennifer Hudson: She looks amazing, Weight Watchers did a body good, but something should have been done with "the girls". The color of this dress is unreal, I loved it!

Anne Hathaway: You may not have given a stellar performance as a host, but thank your lucky stars for Rachel Zoe. She made your night!

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