Wednesday, June 8, 2011

39 Weeks and Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, baby girl isn't here yet, which means that Lily is exactly 17 months older than her sister as of yesterday and I get to keep my birthday. I know I probably just jinxed myself with this post and we'll be in Labor & Delivery tonight or something, but for now it's kind of nice to know we won't be sharing a birthday. Baby girl will have her own day to shine, and so will her mom. Every girl needs to her own day.

My birthday celebration started a day early yesterday with Aaron taking me to dinner at one of my favorites, wink. If you live in Austin, or visit Austin, you have to try this place! The menu changes daily to provide the freshest ingredients, they use local produce, herbs, and cheeses and it's just plain delicious. We had the 5 course tasting menu last night at our cozy little two seater and I was in heaven. Perfect birthday dinner with my hubby!

We also had a visit with the doctor yesterday and we have an induction scheduled for next week. I just don't seem to go into labor on my own, at least I couldn't last time, but everything worked out just fine when I had a little help. Lily was never in distress, I was comfortable throughout labor, and when the time came to push, everything happened exactly as it should. I feel this is the best decision for our family and for my body. I'm sure we all have differing opinions about inducing labor, hospital births etc, but we all don't live with my family or in my body. So really the point is "moo", like a cow's opinion. (Any Friends fans out there??)

Stats for the Week:

How Far Along: 39 weeks, where did the time go?

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 22 lbs gained, I gained a pound, or maybe baby girl gained a pound...

Maternity Clothes: Dresses--Maternity & non-maternity. It's so stinkin' hot here in Austin that dresses are the only thing that feel comfortable at the moment. God bless the women that are pregnant all summer long!

Gender: Girl. My sweet boy cousin is holding out hope for a boy and his sister, before she left for camp, said that she didn't want to get a call that we had a boy instead of a girl. So, it looks like somebody is going to be left disappointed...

Movement: Yes, it feels like she is trying to get comfortable, little tugs and pulls like she is curling up to take a nap.

 Trying to sleep through contractions...

What I miss: Nothing at the moment. Enjoying these last few days of pregnancy. Trying to memorize what it feels like to have the baby moving inside me and what my body looks and feels like pregnant. I don't plan on having any more children of my own, so I really want to hold on to these memories. It's such a miracle to carry a child, and one that I won't to take for granted. 

Cravings: Same: ice cream, fruit, sorbet, anything cold and sweet.

Symptoms: Heavier and steadier contractions. Going for walks, eating spicy food, and sitting on my exercise ball a lot this week to try to encourage natural labor. Welcoming suggestions as well.

Best Moment this weekI'm soaking up alone time with Lily. We sit in Syd's room together and rock in the glider a lot of days and talk about her sis, what we did that day, what we see outside the window and sing songs together. I feel like these moments are going to be few and far between when I'm parenting two little ones. They are something that I really enjoy right now.

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