Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sydney is one month old!

Dearest Syd,

I can't believe you're already a month old! You are a growing girl and seem like you have gained quite a few inches in height. Your cheeks are filling in and so is your little belly, but you still have the skinniest arms, legs, and feet. And your hair is already growing! You have the biggest brown eyes that melt our hearts. When you were first born it was hard to tell you apart from your sister's baby pictures, but you are definitely becoming your own person. We are doing our best to not compare you to your sister too much.
You are definitely a mommy's girl. But of course, that's were the grub comes from, but I still appreciate your preference for me. You turn your head when you hear my voice and you love to look into my eyes. You are starting to smile a bit, especially when I kiss your cheeks. You love to be kissed, cuddled and rocked. You love to be patted to sleep, right on your bottom. You prefer to sleep with your dad and I, and as much as we love you little Syd, we would really prefer you to sleep in your own bed. But, it's fun to cuddle with you in the morning, just the three of us until your sissy wakes up to join us.
She loves you so much. She loves to say "hi" to you first thing in the morning, and give you kisses, touches your hair and just stares at you. I know that you two will be such good friends, and it warms my heart to see her be so gentle and loving with you.
You are so strong Sydney! You can already lift your head on your own and you have a very strong grip. You are not interested in tummy time, at all. Actually you really don't like to be put down...ever. But, you are too cute not to love on all the time anyway. I love you baby Sydney, and I am so glad you became part of our family. Everything feels complete with you here.


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