Sunday, January 8, 2012

She's Two!

I can't believe my first baby turned two this weekend. We celebrated at Little Gym with her besties. She had the best time, which means the party was a success!

Lily is really embracing toddlerhood by becoming more independent, fearless, and talking up a storm. Some of her personality traits I love are her tenaciousness. If shes doesn't succeed the first time, she tries and tries again. She is a fearless eater. She will try anything once. We joke that she eats more than most grown men. And she likes spicy food-- just like her mom! She is so lovable. She tells daddy, baby and I "te amo" and showers everyone with hugs and kisses. She dances all the time, and she has an infectious laugh. I can't help but giggle when she giggles. At bedtime sometimes instead of reading books we talk about her day, what she did with her friends and family that day, and how much she loves them. Laying on her bedroom floor with her and having these talks are some of my favorite moments.

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