Monday, February 6, 2012

What have we been up to?

  • Marisa ran 4 miles Saturday! Only 7 weeks until I run my first 10K.
  • Aaron is doing his first CrossFit workout today. A friend of ours is training him and I'm excited for him and his progress!
  • Lily turns 25 months tomorrow. She is growing so much! We hear lots of four to five word sentences; she is singing all the time; she is learning to play soccer; and she is excited to see Sesame Street Live later this month!
  • Sydney is almost 8 months. She learning to crawl, and just pulled herself up to feet in her pack-and-play! She is also pulling herself up to kneeling on her music table. She is talking, well screaming,  A LOT!

Busy, busy little family. We also went shopping for a new sofa this weekend, and starting the living room revamp this week with a new coat of paint on the walls. Can't wait to show off the new improvements!!

Aaron and I are writing another blog with our dear friend Jenn. Check us out at: Smoothies & Spinach

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