Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are so boring...

We are! We went to dinner with my extended family this weekend, and my cousin asked what we had been up to, and I couldn't think of one interesting tidbit to share. I said, "We are surviving" Which is clearly the case most days when you are a stay-at-home mom, am I right?

The girls are 17 months apart. Life is full of diapers; smashed cherrios on the floor; bottles and sippy cups on every flat surface; I step on plastic fruit, legos or Little People on a daily basis, my living room and backyard could be an ad for Fisher Price; Yo Gabba Gabba songs run threw my head all the time; my DVR is full of Nick Jr. and PBS shows, and frankly I love it. I love staying at home with my girls. I can think of no time in life when I have been happier and felt more fulfilled. I say with these with complete sincerity.

I love having spontaneous dance parties in the living room. I love walking to our neighborhood park on a second's notice. I love all the people I've become friends with because Lily is friends with their child. I love planning birthday parties, and play dates, and finding new fun places to take the girls. I love reading the books I read as a child to my girls. I love rocking my baby to sleep. I love rocking my toddler to sleep standing up and her requests for her neck to be tickled when I put her in her crib. I love watching my girls love my mom as much as I do; I love singing songs with them; being delighted when Lily says "please and thank you" without being told; I love watching the girls interact and play together. I love having a baby and a toddler in the house. It can be sooooo stressful, but when I sit back and view our life from a distance, it is just so lovely. I know that I will look back on these days with fondness when the girls are older and don't have time for their mom, so I'm really making an effort to soak it all in. Enjoy the crazy, enjoy the stress, and enjoy the joy! So, yeah I go to bed at 9:30 most days and my hair is never clean but I have the best job in the world. The. best.

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