Thursday, April 30, 2009


Went to the doctor this morning and tested negative for swine flu! Soooo glad for me, and the fact that they won't have to close down the school I teach at. How awful would that have been?

Apparently Ft. Worth district closed their schools this morning... I feel so bad for all those kids. Right before prom, finals, graduation. What a mess!

A and I are enjoying our "Saturday". Thursdays are our Saturdays since he's off work and I only have one class in the evenings. After the doctor's office, we had a fab lunch at Hyde Park Grill, then dropped mom off at the airport, then ran errands including a stop at one of my favorites Half Price Books. I'm reading Siddhartha for my book club, but have decided to also read Wuthering Heights. It's one of those books that I just didn't read in high school, more like scanned the cliffs notes, which got me an "A" but I decided recently that I would like to catch up on the classics I missed out on and have been going through that BBC list that made the rounds earlier this year. Did you happen to see that one? I also picked up Life of Pi. Any thoughts?

This is going to be such a lazy weekend with A at work, mom out of town as well as some of the girlfriends. Plan to catch up on my cleaning, my art, my invitations, and my blogging :) Oh, and enjoy Pilates Day in Austin on Saturday! Free pilates classes? I'm IN!



aura said...

My sister teaches high school in Fort Worth and she was off today!

danielle said...

relax this weekend! so you can be ready for oklahoma fun next weekend. :)

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