Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're Expecting... Again!

So, I have neglected this little blog for far too long. I thought I would make this next entry a good one :) Aaron and I are expecting our second child on June 13th! We couldn't be more thrilled! Lily is going to be a big sister, only 17 months older, although she has no idea what that means yet. It truly feels like our family will be complete once baby #2 arrives!

In all honesty, this new arrival came as a surprise to us, but it feels completely right! I'm so excited about having my two babies close together so that hopefully they will be very close and always have each other as a friend and support in life. I am already getting excited about vacations we can take to Disney World and the like without having to wait for the youngest to catch up to Lily.

We were thrilled to be able to share the news in person with Aaron's family over Thanksgiving. Lily made the announcement for us with her cute t-shirt we ordered from Etsy. Everyone was excited and surprised, which is the exact reaction we had hoped for.

We should find out the gender toward the end of December and I can't wait. I've already started decorating the baby's room in my head-- French theme for a girl and a vintage travel theme for a boy. It's a bit easier this time since we have furniture planned out already. We know that this room will hold my old dresser and nightstand from childhood, and we'll move the rocker/glider from Lily's room over (we plan on putting a little kitchen for Lily in it's place so she can play in her room more), so all we need to find is a crib and fabrics once we know what Baby will be.

We've seen Baby at 8 weeks and everything looked great! I spotted it's little heartbeat right away. It's funny, but the baby seemed bigger than Lily was at that stage, although I'm sure it was just the angle of the ultrasound. We get to see Baby again on Thursday and hopefully we will get to hear the heartbeat as well. I'll feel completely secure after this ultrasound because I'm at 12 weeks and it will mean that we have gotten past the most worrisome stage. It's less likely for one to have a miscarriage at this stage. I'll post ultrasound pics at this time, and probably put a little something on Facebook, maybe add some photos of my growing baby bump. Mommas aren't kidding when they say you show sooner with the second baby-- good grief!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Best, M

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Kelly Rae said...

WOOHOO!! So excited for you all! Congrats and I a can't wait to see pictures!

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