Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day and such!

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Happy Earth Day friends! I celebrated this morning by making an early morning run to the mall (saving gas by not sitting in traffic) to pick up a new Perfect World Cleanser at Origins, and low and behold it was FREE!


Okay, I knew that going in, but I love freebies, especially full size freebies, and Origins anything! Way to go Origins for your fun promo!

Keeping with "being green", I ran a few more errands while I was there. Made a trip to Sephora, and grabbed a few samples of products I wanted to try (saved the earth by not buying full size products that I might not like and throw away), and then did a little preggers shopping, which means I browsed the store windows filled with beautiful clothes that I won't be able to wear for a few more months (saved some green there!), and then headed to American Eagle to find a couple cute boho tops for my giant belly. I've had really good luck there while preggers-- shocking I know! (that's not really green, but oh well)

Today was also Good Friday, and being a good Catholic girl I abstained from eating meat, as Catholics do during Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter)...after lunch that is when I realized I had eaten a turkey sandwich. Whoops....

Also, if you are an Okla-homie, like myself, today is also Land Run Day, commemorating the day in 1889 that a bunch of cowboys almost killed each other trying to stake and claim the unassigned lands in what is now the great state of Oklahoma.

the cute Tiny Prints card we sent Lily's Poppa
And would you believe it, it's also my father-in-laws birthday. Sent a card and gift days ago, as any good wife would, also reminded sweet hubby of the day so we could call to wish his dad a Happy Birthday.

Man, I am just exhausted from being a green/Catholic/thoughtful/ wife/daughter-in-law/Oklahoman/vegetarian. Looking forward to the weekend!


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