Monday, August 13, 2012

{Monday Muse: Lace}

Well, it's Monday. I have a complicated relationship with this particular day. I love knowing that there is a week of fun ahead of us, but despise waking up early to get our week started. So, maybe it's just Monday morning that gives me trouble... But if I get up make the girls, A, and myself a healthy breakfast, feed the dogs and the fish, get a load of laundry started, unload/load the dishwasher, prep dinner for the evening, get the girls and myself dressed for the day and answer some emails/schedule some blog posts I feel like I can do anything! But, you can see why I don't like waking up.

Anyway, for a bit of fun among of the monotony, here is little fashion inspiration:
trend alert: Lace

I'm love the lace trend, and I tend to keep it to my tops and jewelry.

I love how this lace necklace pairs nicely with a print shirt for a very pulled together look.

Also, I am loving the lace shorts trend, although I haven't brave enough to try it myself. I would suggest pairing with a blousey shirt, like this model did.

And lace looks so appropriate on the red carpet or a night out  as well!

How will you try out this trend?

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